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Complaints About The University of Minnesota


The University of Minnesota is a member of the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA). Under Federal Law, the state remains responsible for responding to complaints about institutions within state that offer distance education to students residing outside of Minnesota. Therefore, if you are a distance education student and you have a complaint against the University of Minnesota, then you may reach out to our office to file an official complaint against the University. Please follow the same procedures set in place for filing complaints about private colleges and career schools.

The Minnesota Office of Higher Education does not have the authority to address complaints against the University of Minnesota System schools for residential students. The University of Minnesota has a conflict resolution process in place to ensure that student complaints are addressed appropriately and in a timely manner. The responsible University officer is the Executive Vice President and Provost. Students of the University of Minnesota must file a complaint through the University's conflict resolution process.

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Primary Contact(s) by Campus


Twin Cities:
Jennifer Reckner (undergraduate)
Etty DeVeaux (graduate)

Gerald Pepper (undergraduate)
Erik Brown (graduate)

Janet Schrunk Erickson

Lori Carrell