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Financial Aid You Don't Repay


The best types of financial aid are those you don't have to pay back after you graduate. It comes in two forms:


Grants are like gifts and are usually awarded to students with the fewest financial resources. Grants are considered need-based aid. This need is determined when you fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Grants usually come from federal and state governments and are sent directly to the school.


Scholarships are awarded based on a student's academic or athletic achievement, cultural or religious background, or special skills and talents.

While you might wonder how to find scholarships, in reality the majority of students receive scholarships given to them from the institution they attend. An institution might offer you a scholarship when you apply. Or, you might need to complete a separate application to receive an institutional scholarship.

View a partial list of scholarships offered by Minnesota institutions.

Search some of these national scholarship links.

Minnesota state government scholarships for specific student groups:

Before you accept any scholarships review these scholarship tips. In addition be wary of any scholarship search companies charging fees, guarantying scholarships, and asking for your credit card or checking account information to receive a scholarship.