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Family Engagement

Why Family Engagement?

If the family is engaged in the student's post secondary aspirations and exploration, affordability, and decision making then there will be an increase in the student accomplishing their post-secondary goals which leads to a better quality of life.


Build the parents' capacity to advocate for and support their child's and their own postsecondary pathways options.

  1. Culturally Appropriate Events
  2. Parent Affinity Groups
    • Identify parents to be on the Social Alliance Network Triangle
  3. Student and Parents Workshops
  4. Parent Advisory Board
  5. Postsecondary Knowledge and Tools Events


To develop effective leaders in their respective cultural groups through exploration of cultural identity and increasing their knowledge of leadership and commitment to their family and community.

  1. Student Affinity Groups
    • Curriculum focused on multiculturalism
    • Aligned/Complementary with the main GR Curriculum
    • Identify the student to be on the Social Alliance Network Triangle
  2. College and Career Visits
  3. Youth Development Workshops

If you have any questions or are interested in our parent or youth initiatives, please contact:

Chang Vang Parent Support Services Manager 651-259-3916

Xong Yang Youth Leadership Coordinator 651-259-3908